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Fundamental idea

Koyama Co., Ltd. recognizes it is their duty as the citizens living in the present day to maintain the global environment, attempt to improve consideration and observe the regulations as well as conduct the continuous improvement as technically, economically as possible and promote business activities in harmony with nature.

Environmental policy

  1. Upon purchasing, selling and delivery of products such as screws, machines, tools and anti-static goods as well as a technical proposal in a design and development and carrying out business activity such as operating an office business, we take a local community and natural ecosystem into consideration to try to prevent pollution.
  2. Observe regulations related to the environment and other items for requirements.
  3. Construct the environmental management system based on the environmental policy, providing an environmental purpose and the target to conduct the continuous improvement.
  4. Encourage all employees to practice environmental activities through environmental education and public information.
  5. Promote green proposals and reduction of wasted commodities to try to maintain the resources.
  6. Disclose the policy if necessary.

Environmental management program

Environmental load reduction activity

Green proposal activity
The environmental related goods and ideas what considered reduce, reuse and recycle are proposed for customers.

Curtailment of abandonment goods

Management of the rate of inventory possession
The dead stock which goes out to the end of the fiscal year is managed in the agglutination stock table, and making to the saving resource is measured.

Improvement guidance to supplier

Environmental investigation
Investigate what related with environment of suppliers, such as manufacture and management reduce the environmental load.

Reduce the amount of using electric power

Reduction in use electric power
Control electric apparatus as office machines, lights, air-conditioners and so on, attain energy saving.

Maintenance of vehicles

All of company car, take legal maintenance & independent check. good for environmental protection.

Registration certificate

Registration certificate

EMS registration book(PDF:751KB)

Registration day

April 12, 2002

Examination registration organization

JSA (foundation)Japanese Standards Association

Registration place

Head ofifice
Tochigi branch
Tokyo branch
Kawasaki branch
Shizuoka branch
Osaka branch

Registration number
JSAE 512

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