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Product Info Screws(conclusion parts)
Stop loosening・ Seal agent
Precision press
Equipment apparatuses
Environmental improvement
Anti-static materials

Many items are dealt with besides the notice.

Screws conclusion parts

It unites with various industrial ways, such as computer, atomic power and home electricity product, etc. moreover, we are also making the proposal of the bolting technology contains VA

Stop loosening・Seal agent

Fastening technology is becoming to very importance in connection with progress of quality-izing of a product and highly-efficient izing. We respond your needs of measures, adhesives, seal agents, lubricant’s , stop loosening and etc.

Precision press

mprovement of press maker’s metal mold technology and development of new industrial method.
It corresponds to manufacturing impossible parts in press working so far.

  • Precision press

Equipment apparatuses

We are supplying nuts, hand tools, electric drivers, and screw bundle robots that indispensable to inclusion of fasteners. We aim at production line’s laborsaving and increase in efficiency.

Environmental improvement

It goods in stock various with the development of various products tries to contribute to a safe, pleasant working environment

  • Clean-room articles
  • washing lotions / cleaning agents
  • Pollution-free soap(Japanese Site)
  • Recycling auxiliary articles

Anti-static materials

Consistent measures and the handling standard are needed to prevent destruction by the static electricity of an electron and electric parts.
・The static electricity course is being executed.
(Part might not be able to be along hope by the region.)


The casts by various material such as the precision mechanism parts for medical machines, the coating article of a large size medicine and a digital camera are dent with

  • Precision resin casts
  • MID(forming circuit parts)
  • Magnesium alloy
  • Aluminum die cast
  • Large-sized RIM casts(Japanese Site)
  • Rubber casts
  • Assembly


Since various conditions are demanded by the use part location. Adhesives can be supplied according to the conditions.



Grease and silicone system filler what excellent in heat resistance, proof against the cold, climate-proof nature, and conductivity are offered in our company.

  • Conductive grease
  • Silicone system filler


The lubricant and the rust prevention medicine corresponding to the usage are offered.

  • Rust prevention spray

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